Where Do You Stand?

If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining. – Guy Finley

Literally and figuratively.

Where do you stand?

*  *  *

In terms of the literal bit, where are you?

Are you doing work you care about? In a place and with people that connect you with your you-ness? (Hint: in one sense, it doesn’t really matter who they are or what they do, just how you choose to perceive them . . . unless they are truly toxic.)

Who are your friends? Do they help to build you up? Help you remember the better parts of yourself? Do they support you? (Or do you need to continually make excuses and allowances for their views and behavior? If you’re the most realistically optimistic person in the room it might be time for a new room.)

What about home? Do you enjoy the environment you live in? Does where you live make you feel better, even if only slightly, or worse?

What about your family? Are you paying attention to those you love and care about? Loving them unconditionally and being a model of positive human behavior? If you have children, are you teaching and disciplining them in age-appropriate ways?

*  *  *

What about the figurative bit?

What do you stand for?

When push comes to shove, what do you fight for?

What are your values? How do you make your decisions? Big and small?

If you don’t have quick, clear answers to these questions, 1) you’re not alone and 2) you’re living by default.

When you develop your answers to these questions regularly and develop the clarity and awareness that such examination yields, your life changes. It changes in some really positive and profound ways.

But not until you develop and maintain that clarity.

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