Never Waste a Calamity

Every calamity is a spur and a valuable hint. – Emerson

Yes, I am riffing off the recent political meme in the post title. (“Never let a crisis go to waste.” (Attributed, I believe, to Rahm Emanuel).)

That aside, Emerson’s words are an extremely valuable reminder.

We ignore “failures” and “calamities” at our peril.

Every result comes from a cause. And whether our role in the “cause” was 1% or 100%, we do indeed have a role in everything we experience.

When we notice and reflect on the results in our lives we can do better in creating/shaping/influencing the causes.

When we ignore, or are otherwise oblivious to, the cause-and-effect nature of life we have little chance to create the sort of life we want.

The key is to own both the successes and failures – they are both just results (owing from causes… ).

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