Your Thoughts Are A Thermostat

Nurture your mind with great thoughts for you will never go any higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli

I often listen to developmental audio programs in the car and my current selection is (a re-listening of) Brian Tracy’s The Psychology of Achievement. One of the key take-ways is that our self-concept matters a great deal. In particular, what we think we’re capable of and what we believe we deserve is so, so important.

The truth is we will never out-perform our self-concept.

Whatever limits you think you have, they’re real, for you and your life.

Whatever you think is you can do – and deserve – (and are willing to work for) is possible.

Is there anything you might want, that for some reason you’re not starting – but when you think about it, you’re a little confused/unsure/uneasy about not going for it? That just might be your self-concept keeping you safe (and your life small… ).

Explore your (faint) yearnings, take some small steps and see that nothing really bad happens to “you.”

Remember, even if you turn a thermostat quickly and significantly, it still takes a while for the temperature to change. I am sure you can handle the transition, so go for it!

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