Manage The Manageable

One of the greatest issues/problems/frustrations/cries/laments/ . . .  I hear is “I don’t have enough time” or “there’s too much to do” or “if only I had more time!”

Well, I’m here to relieve you of any and all angst in regards to time and time management and whatever else you might want to call “it.”

First off, you can’t manage time. You can manage yourself, and different types of personal energy, but you can’t manage an abstract creation.

You just can’t.

*  *  *

And, you* have another problem: you don’t have too much to do, you are allowing to much crap on your plate

Quite simply, people are bogged-down-by/overwhelmed-by/feeling-stressed-by a bunch of tasks and obligations that they need to let go of – and never allow back into their lives.

So many tasks and obligations and things volunteered for and on and on . . . .

*  *  *

Take some time and make an inventory of everything you’ve committed to. For each item ask yourself: “If I was truly honest with myself about what I wanted to do, and I was asked to do this for the first time, would I say yes?”

If the answer is “No.” Politely, respectfully and quickly end that commitment.

*  *  *

As you do this more and more you feel a lightness and a sense of increasing peace.

You will have more time and energy for yourself, and your loved ones and – best of all – you’ll be much better at saying “No” to what’s wrong for you and “Yes” to what’s right.

*  *  *

* “You” being anyone who thinks they don’t have enough time.

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