If Not This, Then What?

All we are is peace, love, and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion we’re not. – Jack Pransky

Every instant of our life is a choice point.

Through habit or conscious choice we decide what we’re going to do, or not do, and how we’re going to do it.

These choices come from our ground-of-being (GoB).

Our GoB is everything from our beliefs and values to the conditioned neural pathways and associated neuro-transmitters in our brains that create our emotions and “states-of-mind.”

*  *  *

We are subject to billions of stimuli and choice-points every day.

Because of the sheer volume, our brains learn to do two vital things: filter and develop habits.

Without the filtering of external stimuli we would go crazy. And without habits to guide and steer us we would be paralyzed by the sheer volume of decisions that could be made in a given day, hour, minute, even second.

So, we ignore certain things and we don’t consciously choose everything.

*  *  *

The most important thing we can do, if we want to experience peaceful, joyous and useful lives, is to be aware of how we create our lives – to understand that our states-of-mind, and being, come directly from our GoB.

At the foundation of our GoB is what we think we are. For so many of us, we made the “decision” about what we are, a long time ago, and have been proceeding accordingly since.

It’s likely that this “decision” was formed from multiple inputs (family/friends/peers/culture/advertising) and not necessarily all that consciously (especially since some of “it” comes from early life when we were pre-verbal).

*  *  *

I want you to ask yourself, based on a look at your results in life, what’s at the foundation of your GoB?

Are you acting as if you are peace, love and wisdom? Or are you coming from something else?

If it’s the latter, are you willing to consider that the truth is something different?

I believe it is and offer you the encouragement to re-make your GoB – and life – accordingly.

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