How Do You Become a Master of Life?

Today’s post is simple.

It’s a supposition really.

Putting aside the fact that mastery is an on-going, never-ending process, a practice (for life), what are the keys that fuel a practice of life mastery?

Can we distill such a practice to a few elements?

I believe we can.

First, there’s the fundamental challenge – and opportunity – of life: change.

Mastery of life is mastery of change.

Next is the key that allows one to fully participate, to extent that one develops this, in the never-ending process of change: awareness.

Mastery of change is mastery of awareness.

What do you think?

Is engaging with change, as a life-time mastery practice, along with the development of greater awareness – greater consciousness – enough?

What else is there really?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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