How Coaching Creates An *Upward* Spiral

One way to understand coaching is that it brings awareness, intelligence and wisdom to your life. Specifically, it does that to your goals, plans – and depending on the client’s willingness to experiment with new practices – actions.

So many people go through life reacting to “what comes up” with whatever awareness, intelligence and wisdom is available at that given moment.

Someone who is coached lives/functions/operates – more and more, over time – in a different way.

They become more intentional, more focused and more effective.

What’s more, as the client becomes more intentional, focused and effective, they enjoy more happiness and more peace-of-mind.

And so it goes . . . .

The client’s life gets better and better – and the client’s understanding of how they are making better choices and confidence in repeating the improvements grows as well.

It really is an upward spiral.

*  *  *

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