(Have The Right Kind of) Blind Faith

Have blind faith, just don’t have false hope – Tony Brown

I was watching HBO’s Sonic Highways and something one of the interviewees said struck me.

Tony Brown is a keyboard player and knows a thing or two about long odds and perseverance. Anyone who has “made it” (and that’s a relative term, of course) in music has had to work very hard, often with little hope of reward.

That doesn’t mean you don’t dream your dream and do the work. You must do both.

But you have to believe in the right things.

There are two fundamentals that spring to mind: yourself and your abilities and the dream you want to make real.

When you believe in yourself you do the work, you learn and grow, you keep going when things get tough and you begin again when you “fail.”

When you have sufficient clarity about your goal, when you’re sure it’s what you want, you can have that blind faith.

A blind faith that you’re either going to accomplish your goal, as you imagined it (or better . . . ), or you’re going to create something different, but equally desirable.

False hope is thinking that something/someone is going to come along and help you achieve or give you what you need.

It’s up to you.*


* (Always has been, always will be.)

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