Learners Are Earners

Formal education will earn you a living, self education will earn you fortune. – Jim Rohn You know the quickest way to irrelevancy in the 21st Century? Stop learning. *  *  * The world is extremely connected and competitive and the pace of change is accelerating. You simply can’t finish school (whether it be undergraduate, …

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What Is Leadership?

Leadership is inspiring others to be more and do more through your character and message. *  *  * Thus, we are all leaders. Leadership is not reserved for heads of organizations or government, it’s something we all must cultivate and practice. Managers are leaders. Individual Contributors are leaders. Co-Workers are leaders to each other. Parents …

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What Can You Really Do?

I don’t think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it. – Mike Ditka Let’s get real. Let’s put aside fantasies about what we think we want. Let’s put aside marketing-fueled thoughts of how you might feel if you bought such-and-such thing or traveled to some far-off place, or whatever is being sold …

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Why Coaching Works (A Mashup)

I’ve written a few posts on “how coaching works” and wanted to combine them in one easier to find/read place; three of them are “mashed-up” below: ********** The below post was originally published on August 8, 2011, here DOES COACHING WORK? YES. “Coaching is hot.” “Coaching is in.” “Coaching is how smart people achieve goals …

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The 99/1 Practice (and how it will transform your life)

There’s something you can do 1% of the time, that will utterly – and positively – transform your life. I call it the 99/1 Practice. *  *  * One of the, if not the most, important things you can do to live well and achieve important, meaningful goals is to regularly plan and strategize. But the vast majority …

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Where Do You Live?

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present. – Lao Tzu How much peace do you feel? You can feel more . . . . Get present. Be where you are.

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