Play Your Cards Right

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. – Josh Billings

Life is perfect.

“Perfect” in the sense that everything happens because of the choices each of us makes, and the combination and accumulation of all of our choices.

Things are perfect because they cannot be any other way.

The hope in this perfection is that because we created this perfect Now, we can “reverse-engineer” our desired future based on what we can observe and imagine.

We can observe that A, B, and C created this and (thus) we can imagine that X, Y and Z might yield that.

Once we have observed our results and imagined different actions, we can get to the doing.

We can then play our cards right.*

*  *  *

* Or at least righter and create a better result that in the process of its creation makes us wiser – and better able to begin yet again, next time.

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