“Busy” is BS, “Crazy Busy” is Even Worse

Time is what we want the most, but what we use the worst. – William Penn

It would seem that everybody is “busy” these days.

Some folks are even “crazy” busy.

It saddens me to hear this.


People are using language to 1) weaken themselves and 2) cast themselves as victims.

It would be one thing if people were “busy” and doing things that matters, to them and to the world.

But they’re not.

They have allowed themselves to get overwhelmed with the demands of modern life and, unable to be clear and authentic about their choices take “refuge” in (the myth of) busyness.

Sure, most of what these folks are doing admirable – taking care of children, helping friends and putting in long hours at work – but they’re neglecting what matters.

What’s the solution?

The first step is say “No” to things.

At the very least, don’t take on anything new.

Impose a No-New-Obligations Moratorium.

If anyone asks you to do something, say one of two things:

“I would love to help with that, and so appreciate you thinking of me, but I am focused on my current commitments right now.”

or, if it’s a work request from your/a boss, say:

“I would love to help with that. I am currently working on the following tasks/projects/initiatives. Which of those would you like to stop working on, or delegate, to start working on this new task/project/initiative?”

Once you get a handle on what’s on your plate, Step Two is gracefully stop doing things that don’t align with your true goals and purpose. This can require tact and/or time, but you must stop doing things that you never should have agreed to in the first place.

This can be hard, certainly, but you won’t have the time and energy for the things that – truly – matter if you keep giving yourself away to things that don’t really matter (to you).

Stop being busy and start being authentic.

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