The Difference Between Lazy and Resting

One key to living well is to understand the distinctions of life.

Distinctions are often small shifts in perception that yield great differences in outcome.

Think of them like forks in the road, the further you go down one path, the greater difference.

*  *  *

In any given moment there may not seem to a huge difference between “being lazy” and “resting.”

But there’s a world of difference.

Yes, both conditions appear the same on the surface, but that’s because what matters is what’s happening in the mind.

*  *  *

Lazy is just doing “nothing.”

Resting is consciously choosing to pause from one’s work.

Lazy is doing whatever is habitual and/or easy/convenient.

Resting is being intentional and choosing  to do something that is restorative.

Lazy, at the very least, creates feelings of apathy and ambivalence.

Resting reinforces the idea the important work is hard, and challenging, and requires energy – energy that only comes from recharging what is expended.

Lazy is just what you do when you don’t have anything better to do.

Resting is what you must do to keeping forging ahead with work that matters.

Lazy just happens.

Rest is chosen.

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