Be Anti-Status-Quo

Any regular reader of this blog knows I am a big Seth Godin fan. I just read another great post on his blog (you can read it here).

In the post he talks about the resistance of (certain factions in) business to important changes. One example being the elimination of child labor and the complaint that doing so would eliminate profit and ruin businesses. It didn’t happen, nor did it happen any of the other times “business” faced important challenges to their status quo.

I want to put this idea on a personal development context.

We as individuals often do the same thing. We resist making changes that promise growth and advancement and justify that resistance by saying that “making that change would change things too much,” that it would “be too disruptive, even ruin things.”

Of course, some changes are ill-advised.

Most are not.

As a coach I help my clients to tell the difference. And I help them navigate the gap between where they are now and where they want to go.

Key to this journey is knowing your Self.

When you have clarity about who you are, what you want and why you want it, you can discern between the things that merely frighten you and those changes which are truly wrong for you.

Without that clarity, without having done that work (and continuing to do that work, over the course of your life), you’ll be stuck in “safety” which is often not safe at all.

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