When To Repair Your Roof (or Anything)

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

You must be pro-active. Waiting for problems to occur is what many do. The vast majority of difficulties we have are days/weeks/months, or even years, in the making.

When something goes wrong, we feel bad because we know, deep-down, that we’re responsible, and that we could have done things differently – and better. The solution is to realize that things – in the vast majority of cases – are of our own making.

When we realize that, we move from subject to object, from created to creator, from victim to victor. When we know, and not just think, that we create our lives we can – if we choose – create what we truly want.

But as President Kennedy instructs us, the best time to deal with a leaky roof is before it starts leaking, when the sun is shining – to care for and maintain the roof.

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