Stop Not Being Awesome

I just read an article by a mentor of mine that got me to thinking. The article talked about why one of his clients was having such a hard time, whether or not his past success was a fluke and if he could create it again going forward. His client conceded that he was, at one time, doing quite well, but a series of setbacks really knocked him off his game. The long and short of it was that he developed a mode of thinking when he was successful that was rooted in fear and struggle. It worked for a time, but no longer – yet he was still mired in fear/struggle-based-thinking and “that” no longer “worked.”

My mentor helped his client see that the only real problem was the way he was thinking. I know what you’re thinking, that’s huge, like saying the only issue with water is that it’s wet. But when we realize that all of our struggles, issues and problems come from our thoughts (and they do… ), then we at least have access to a solution. To extend the water metaphor, it’s like being in water and realizing that rather than flailing about, you can swim.

Yes our thoughts are powerful, and to most of us, mostly operating under the surface of our awareness. The solution is to 1) bring awareness to our thoughts and thinking and 2) choose better, resourceful thoughts. Developing greater awareness is a key enabler of happiness and success.

How does one develop greater awareness? Some form of meditation. Do you need to sit still, with your legs twisted up like a pretzel chanting like a monk for hours? Nope. Just find a quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes and notice your breathing. When thoughts come into your mind and you lose focus on your breathing. Notice that and return your focus to your breath. The whole point is not to stop thinking, it’s to slow down and better manage your thinking. Do this for one minute at first. As you can, add minutes.

Do this every day for 21 days; see what happens. You’ll find your awesome coming back.

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