We Are (All) Creators

“We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.” – Benjamin Disraeli

This is both true and not true.

It’s not true – in practice – for most people.

Most people are creatures of circumstance, they are “reactors.”

They (merely) react to what happens to them, as they go about their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines. Changing only when circumstances change so much that they are forced out of their comfort zone and they have no choice. And then, they only change as much as is required to regain a (seemingly) safe, stable routine.

It is true for those who take responsibility for their existence and their gifts – the opportunity that is life, chief among these gifts.

There are those that know they are here to create, to make the circumstances and results they desire.

Not to blindly, and meekly, follow the track laid before them by their predecessors; doing what their parents did, what their friends do or going along to get along at work.

These people are creators, not reactors.*

What about you?

Are reacting or creating?


* This post was partially inspired by a chapter in Steve Chandler‘s book: Wealth Warrior: The Personal Prosperity Revolution.

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