The Left Shoe “Solution”

FYI: While I don’t normally comment on current social issues or the like, I felt compelled to here.

*  *  *

I just saw a post on Facebook talking about how, in an effort to remember one’s child in the car seat, one leaves their left shoe on the seat next to the baby.

That way, there’s no chance of leaving the baby in a hot car. (The author of this”tip” does go on to say that  she “likes to think she wouldn’t do that, but with all the stories on this happening she wants to ‘make sure’.”)

I am, almost, speechless.

This is a classic situation of attempting to treat a symptom, and ignoring the cause.

What if you, sensing that your life is so busy, so harried, so frenetic that you might, possibly, leave your child to suffer in a hot car, took a long hard look at what’s happening in your life?

What if you found ways to increase your consciousness, presence and awareness, so that leaving your baby in a hot car was simply such a remote possibility that you’d never give it a second thought.

There are indeed myriad dangers that could befall you and/or your child, but they are so unlikely as to not warrant your mindspace.

If you really think you’re so {whatever} that you might leave your child in a hot car, then you need to take a long hard look at your life and what it’s turned into.

Just saying . . . .

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