The Enduring Elegance of the Universe

Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, illness is a result, your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect. – T. Harv Eker

The question: “how are things?” usually gets me to thinking about what Thomas Leonard calls the Perfection of Now. Or, how is right now perfect?

I know, I know, you protest and say there’s little, if anything, “perfect” about right now. You can quote me chapter and verse on what isn’t the way you want and all the things you would like to have and all the things you don’t have. And if I was inclined, I could do the same – and, truth be told, I sometimes do.

But things are perfect, right now, just as they are. And that is the most empowering, amazing, exciting thing ever. Ever.

Allow me to explain what I’m talking about here.  The quote above, the reference to Thomas Leonard and all this talk of “perfection,” will all make (some) sense (I hope… ).

Without getting into (any sort of… ) physics everything is a result. Everything that is came from a cause. Things aren’t random (99.99999% of the time; I am guessing there’s a tiny possibility of some small amount of randomness, but not much).


1) I will grant you that there are things we, as individuals, didn’t cause, that are still, in some way, shape or form, “results” in our lives.

2) I must  inject one caveat: I believe there is such thing as global karma (the results and consequences of many causes combined, over time. I think cancer is one of these things: so many powerful variables colliding in a powerful and complex system, over time) (and curing cancer is more likely to come from flooding the world with better causes (like less chemicals and more naturalness…. ) over time than anything else).

So, the fact is that things are. And things are because of causes. And most of the things in our lives are the result of our causes.

All we need do is look at our results (the never-ending stream of the Perfect Now) and adjust our inputs (our thoughts and actions).

Does this put a lot of responsibility on each of us? Absolutely.

Does it mean that we are largely responsible for the way our lives are and are not? Yup.

Does this mean that we can carefully and continually investigate what we want and create action experiments to bring about the results we desire. Uh-huh.

The Universe is elegant, and perfect. It is both cruel and kind in that it reflects back results we create through our causes. It’s cruel for those who wish things were different. It is kind for those who understand that things are they way they are because causes made them so.

None of us controls the World. No one can make things exactly the way they want them – there have been too many other inputs, too many other causes.

But we can exercise a great deal of influence over our results. And we can control some things, and thus some results.

We betray ourselves, and the greater, deeper truth of things when don’t take this to heart and act responsibly towards the results we desire.

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