The Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up

When you “quit,” you decide something isn’t worth continuing.

Sometimes it makes sense to quit; to stop something that either wasn’t worth starting (but you only know that now) or isn’t worth continuing.

Even if you have invested time, energy and money in something, sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and stop.

*  *  *

Giving up is something all together different.

Giving up is letting adversity, or difficulty, or even a little challenge discourage you (and stopping . . . ).

Giving up hurts (at least) twice: once when you do it and again when(ever) you think back and wish you had continued.

*  *  *

How do you tell the difference between quitting and giving up?


How do get that sort of experience?

By having quit some and given up some – and paying attention to how each feels.

I am sure you’ve done both.

Take the time to consider how different experiences from your past feel. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Understand the difference? Can you feel the difference? Remember the difference.

Now you have the awareness necessary to know when you’re quitting and when you’re giving up.

Do the former when necessary; avoid the latter at all times.

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