Fail More, Get Better

When I look at the kids training today… I can tell which ones are going to do well. It’s not necessarily the ones who have the most natural talent or who fall the least. Sometimes it’s the kids who fall the most, and keep pulling themselves up and trying again. – Michelle Kwan

If you never risk, you never fail.

If you never fail you never know the pain of falling down, or getting bumped, battered and brusied.

The beautiful thing about failure is that 99.999% of the time it’s not fatal.*

But it teaches a powerful lesson: that falling down is okay. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

People who never risk are in constant fear of the the unknown, of falling down – of somehow not be “okay.”

It’s interesting: risking/”failing” is a big part of getting better, and not-risking/playing-it-safe is most of staying the same.

*  *  *

* This might actually be low and the real percentage is higher . . . .

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