Don’t Know Your Purpose (no biggie)

Everyone (in self-help and related fields), it seems, talks about “loving-what-you-do.” And how they have the formula/process/program/book to help you do it.

It’s bad advice and a disservice to promise such.

Putting aside my theory about how purpose is not outside us and nothing we need discover or create (it’s within and covered by by “crap”) (which I’ll write about soon . . . ), it creates a situation in which, until we discover/create our purpose/passion, we are not doing our “best” work.

*  *  *

Instead, do honorable stuff.

Do worthy stuff.

Do things that you know matter and that you can be proud of.

And don’t tell me you dont know what that is.

You do.

If nothing else, you what that isn’t, and you can do the opposite, or something else.

Talk yourself into knowing what’s worthy, and honorable, by telling yourself you know what that is –your heart will fill in the blanks for you.

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