Don’t Eliminate, Replace

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson

You can’t eliminate thought.

Thought can be quieted and calmed, made more orderly and useful, but it can’t be turned off.

Understanding this a key to using thought more resourcefully.

I say that because when people hear about “positive thinking” they think it’s a silly notion, not because they think it’s a bad idea, but because they can’t imagine eliminating (their) negative thoughts.

It’s not about that.

There’s a first step required to using our thought to our benefit.

The critical first bit is becoming aware of your thoughts, especially their origination.

When we develop an awareness of the beginnings of our thoughts, we can actually choose our thoughts.

When we have this “skill”* of choosing our thoughts we can notice when negative thoughts begin to arise and choose differently.

And since, as so many have said, we become what we think about, we can either choose more and more resourceful and useful thoughts and have a better and better life (both internally and externally) or we can continue on as we have been.**

Choose to choose, wisely.


* I use the word “skill” purposefully. Anyone can learn a skill; this ability to notice the arising of our thoughts is something we can all learn to do, it’s not a talent that some have and some don’t.

** And, as Dr. Phil would ask: “How’s that working for ya?”

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