Are You Creating the Self You Want?

“We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” – Earl Nightingale

The concept of the Self and who we are is endlessly fascinating to me.

I think about my life and what I have created, and failed* to create, over the years.

These ponderings are part of how my Self develops.

If I look at my successes with humility and my “failures” with curiosity I will develop confidence and wisdom.

If I look back with blame, and give credence to the expectations of others, I will develop some form of shame and weakness.

I suggest you choose the former approach.

You’re creating your Self all the time, and your approach matters.


* Again, as long-time readers will know, I use this word intentionally to get your attention, so I can make the point – yet again – that we never fail, we only produce results that we didn’t foresee and/or don’t desire. For the love of Pete, stop thinking you failed in the sense that nothing happened as a result of your efforts. Everything produces something, making that “something” what you want is only a question of intelligently adjusting your approach (and working your ass off).

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