How Extraordinary (Really) Works

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things. – Sir Edmund Hilary

Extraordinary is not something you achieve, or arrive at, or can even purchase. It’s something that you become.

You become extraordinary by what you do.

Or is it?

*  *  *

As Sir Edmund says, you do extraordinary things and thus join the ranks of the extraordinary.

Because you, or anyone for that matter, cannot become extraordinary. We’re all pure, whole, perfect beings.

Sometimes what we do is extraordinary.

Sometimes it’s not.

Regardless, we’re still human, and whole, and pure and perfect.

So stop trying to be extraordinary (if that’s what you’re seeking).

Look to accomplish extraordinary things.

And keep in mind that extraordinary really only means beyond the ordinary.

Sometimes doing something extraordinary is being kind when it’s unnecessary. Offering to help someone to whom you “owe” nothing. Perhaps, even, it’s forgiving yourself for not “measuring up” to some standard or expectation you set.

So, give up on the trying to be extraordinary. If anything, seek to serve, and help and relate in ways that are just beyond ordinary.

Yes, when you accomplish more and more “extraordinary” things you’ll no doubt be viewed as extraordinary.

But you’ll know that you’re just the same as everyone else, you’ve just stepped up and done some cool stuff.

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