What Are We?

I had a thought the other day and wanted to share the notes I feverishly scribbled down, along with a couple further thoughts.

Here’s what I came up with (un-edited):

We are spiritual beings with a body.

We experience the world through our body – our senses.

We think, that is how we move our spirit into the physical.

How we think makes *ALL* the difference.

Because we have a body, and it’s all we have, for now, how we care for it matters a great deal:

  • sleep
  • learning
  • food
  • rest/recovery/exercise

What do you think?

On a related note: do you agree with Descartes? That because we think, we are? Or because we are, we think? (I am strongly in the camp of the latter.)

What about how we experience the world? Do you agree that it’s all about how we think… how we use our minds (and, by extension, our brains – the tool of our thoughts)?

And what about our bodies?

How important is it for us to care for them properly: to fuel them well and exercise them regularly and consistently rest them?

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