The Power of a Schedule, and a Plan

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. – Annie Dillard

Humans are distractible.

Humans thrive on the feeling (and reality) of progress.

But if we’re not intentional and don’t have a system, we won’t make any progress.

The primary reason so few people don’t have what they want is because they aren’t willing to write it down.

The other huge factor in not having what you want is being unclear about what to do, each day.

First, you need a plan for your life.

Second, you need need a schedule for your week and your days.

You need to be structured in thinking about what you want overall and breaking that down into a series of discrete tasks you complete each hour, each day, every week.

Or you can keep Alt-Tabbing to Outlook every time you get an e-mail notification . . .

Or you can check your phone every time it buzzes . . .

Or you can chat with every co-worker that stops by your office . . .

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