Life Is:

beautiful, amazing, challenging, rewarding, what you make it, fantastic, boring, excellent, fun, exciting, the sum of our choices so far, breathtaking, dull, to be savored, tough, just what we see, just too busy, pre-destined, much more than meets the eye, simple, complex, easy, hard, to be endured, for our enjoyment, a series of challenges, easy, endless opportunities, demanding, incredible, hum-drum, disappointing, miraculous, mundane, pre-determined, wonderful, marvelous, joyous, awe-inspiring, just a series of problems, nothing to worry about, all there is, just a phase, for us to create, painful, good, what our souls have been waiting for, too hard, not what I thought it was going to be, more than I could have hoped for, a gift . . .

[This post is an experiment that I wanted to share. I am in the process of writing an eBook and the above is one approach I am thinking of for the introduction. Your comments and feed-forward are welcome and encouraged.]

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