Identity > Action > Feelings (and not the other way ’round!)

I was just watching a class promo video by Brian Johnson and needed to quickly share a point he made about one way we develop greater trust/confidence in ourselves.

He talked about how the Identity > Action > Feelings (IAF) progression works in helping us to develop high levels of confidence (and skills, etc.).

When we get IAF right, meaning, we see ourselves (I) as able to do something, we take action (A) and feel better (F) about ourselves as a result.

But, when we reverse IAF, we run into trouble.

Meaning: if we focus on our feelings about whether we can do something first, we often don’t feel like doing something (because we don’t know if we can do it, because we’ve never tried to), so we don’t take action and subsequently we don’t see ourselves as being able to do the “thing.”

So, again, start with the “I” and see yourself as being able to do the “thing” and you will take action and then will feel the feelings of pride and accomplishment for having done something.


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