How To Answer One Of The Most Important Questions

What is the Question for which my life is the answer? – Hebrew saying

So many people look at the above and think they have to figure out their “Purpose” or “Passion.”


You don’t.

What you do have to do though is take stock of where you are now and ask yourself what your life is going to be about going forward.

*  *  *

What are your Values (the things that matter, to you, that you live by)?

What are your Priorities (the things you will, absolutely, positively take care of, day-in-day-out)?

What are your Goals (the things you really want to work for, sacrifice for and one day, in some form, make real)?

*  *  *

The “answer” will change over time, as you and your circumstances change.

But the “Question” remains critical.

You must keep answering it, in all the areas of life that matter.

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