Have To or Get To?

I am a BIG believer in the idea that language, and it’s result, meaning, make SO much difference in and to our lives.

I’ve said to people in the past: “What if you got to do that? Instead of having to do that?”

Here is one of mentors making his case for this idea:

People whose repeated self-told stories cast themselves as victims continuously use the language of obligation. There are so many things they “should” do and “have to” do.

Reinvented people convert to the language of intention.

They do things because they intend to…because they want to…. because they choose to. This is more powerful because it is closer to the truth. It is not a sugary affirmation. It is truth that will set you free.

Once you see that you are choosing to work today, you’ll never have to lie to yourself and your children again by saying, “Sorry but I have to work.” Those kind of lies take a toll. They drive self esteem and love-of-life out of existence.

When you reinvent yourself, you start by changing your relationship to the very truth that will set you free.

Steve Chandler

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