Enjoy Yourself – All The Time, No Matter What

We’re not always doing what we want to do (even if we don’t know what we want to do).

So: we don’t know what we want to do, but we know it’s not this, and we’re dissatisfied.


We’re clear about what we want to be doing and where we want to be, but we’re not there yet. And we’re unhappy.

. . .

Why not be happy, where you are, what you’re doing?

Or at least grateful for where you are and what you’re doing? (I’ve found a quick “reality check” will remind me that I have much to be grateful for… )

I believe I have found a way to embrace my current reality, even though it isn’t what I want. And, honestly, I haven’t taken the time to get clear on what I want (because, I think, I’m afraid to “name” it, causing the excuses and “ignorance” to evaporate into the ether).

I know that there’s a big gulf between where I am and where I want to be, but I am bound and determined (pleasantly and non-graspingly so… ) to enjoy myself now, wherever I am, whatever I am doing.

Could you do that*?

* You could, anyone can…

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