Are You Good at What Matters?

What if what you’re good at doesn’t – really – matter?

So often we take refuge, or more accurately, hide in the the things we’re good at.

But what if those things are not what really matters, for us, individually?

What if we hide in those talents to avoid the hard work of learning and growing?

What if we’re not doing what we know, deep-down, is our work?

I’m not talking about doing things we’re not suited for, or trying fix our weaknesses.

I’m asking you if you’re avoiding doing the work of becoming who you’re truly meant to be?

If there’s a twinge in you right now, a subtle, faint sense of recognition, a tiny feeling of “Oh shit, I think he might be right . . . maybe there is something?” Then I encourage you to explore that feeling, don’t avoid it.

Ask it what it might be and just notice how part of your mind tries to ignore or dismiss the feeling.

Be willing to go there and see what you find.

Be gentle and curious in the inquiry – all you have to gain is a better expression of yourself.

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