What Coaches Do

The most difficult work many professionals do… is getting someone else to agree with their point of view and take action. The second most difficult work professionals do is developing a point of view in the first place. – Seth Godin

Coaches ‘get’ people to (see their true) point of view and take action.

We do this by:

meeting you where you are now;

asking you powerful questions about who you are and what you really want;

asking you to look in your “scary” places;

creating a space where you can think expansively;

insisting on your greatness;

walking our talk;

helping you break your Dream down into a Project and chunking down your Project into what you can do today, tomorrow and this week;

being relentlessly curious;

challenging your story about why you “can’t;”

supporting you every step of the way;

calling you on your bull-sh!t and excuses;

listening deeply, both to what you say and what you don’t;

helping you leverage your strengths, talents and skills;

believing there’s a way and uncovering what’s stopping you;

being a collaborative developmental partner;

going deep, over and over;

acknowledging your past accomplishments and recent achievements;

asking you what you do to keep what you want out of your life (yup . . . read that one carefully);

sometimes offering stories, strategies, perspectives and resources that can help; and

believing in you and your Vision before you do.


Because our point-of-view is that whatever you truly want, you can be, do and have.

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