The First Thing

One is dependent on the outside world to the extent that they believe what they need is outside themselves. If you are sufficiently in touch with your core power and peace there is nothing that anyone can deny that will hurt or upset you. The first, and most important thing, is to renew that connection and live from it (not scheme how to get what you want from the Outside).

What do you think?

It’s something I thought of while having my morning smoothie the other day.

Obviously, I believe strongly that what – and who – we are comes from within.

And we don’t need anything from the outside to be okay, or amazingly powerful, effective, kind and loving.

*  *  *

I once heard a story of a martial arts master who was asked by a student “how do you stay balanced all the time?”

His answer: “I am not balanced all the time, I am continually getting knocked off balance, I’ve just made it a practice to keep returning to balance.”

*  *  *

That’s how I approach the paragraph at the beginning of this post: I am continually* returning to, and living from, my core, my true essence.

The more I do that, the better I get at the returning to it, and the more time I spend there.

*  *  *

* Or at least doing my best to do so.

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