Monday Practice: Learning from Ric Elias

This Monday’s Weekly Practice comes last week’s post talking about Ric Elias’ (amazing/life-changing/inspiring/wake-up-from-your-slumber) TED talk. If you’ve haven’t watched the video and read the post, please click here and re-join me below.


This week I want to to explore the three questions Ric raises. Each day, take some time to write out the answers to the following questions:

1) What are you putting off until tomorrow?

If it’s something big, what’s the next smallest step you can take? Take that next-smallest-step immediately after answering these three questions (and so on . . . ).

If it’s something small commit to it doing right after you answer the three questions.

2) Where are you wasting time on things that don’t matter with people who do matter?

Identify the situations and relationships where you’re letting petty and small and insignificant things get in the way of real and important relationships.

If you need to apologize to reset the relationship, do so.

If you need to explain that you need to do things differently now, do so.

If you need to . . . , do so.

Cherish time with those who matter to you, and act accordingly.

3) What’s your Top Priority? Are you treating it as such?

Really, truly treating it with the energy, time and love that it deserves?

If not, readjust your actions – and schedule – in whatever way necessary to my your “top priority” your Top Priority.

Answer these three questions every day for a week.

See what emerges and adjust your life accordingly.

If you’re unsure at any point, sit quietly, close your eyes, place you hand on your heart and ask whatever question necessary to deliver the wisdom you need.

You have the answers you need and the personal power required to make the changes that really matter.

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