Every client and each coaching engagement is unique.

For coaching to work a client must be invested in the process. This investment comes from different places.

While a strong desire to grow and develop and achieve goals is required, there’s nothing like money to get one’s attention. Because my clients come from many different sectors I am flexible in setting my coaching fee.

If we determine that working together is a good fit, we will agree on a monthly investment that makes sense in terms of your resources and the need to have real skin-in-the-game.

For the most part, I work with clients over the phone, each week, for a minimum of three months. Sessions are approximately 40 minutes (depending on where we in coaching sessions can be longer or shorter; early sessions typically go longer and session can be shorter as coaching progresses)

For the first 31 days, your investment is guaranteed, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason I will refund 100% of your money. (After 31 days, un-used session are refunded if you decide to discontinue coaching.)

To learn more, contact me and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

*  *  *

 Are You Ready to Invest in YOU?

I like to ask potential clients a couple of questions:

  1. What is the cost of continuing as you are?
  2. What would achieving your authentic goals be worth to you?

The answer to the first question defies calculation. And most people can’t really answer the second question because they are so stuck in the context of where-they’re-at.

The cost of continuing as you are is very, very high. The value of achieving your authentic goals is much, much more than I charge for coaching. An investment in coaching is very, very small compared to the dividends it will pay in greater happiness, effectiveness and income.

*  *  *

Who Do I Work With?

This answer has three components: demographics, desires and characteristics.

In terms of demographics, I work with corporate professionals and entrepreneurs in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Who want:

  • to have more energy, all the time
  • to understand, reduce and master stress (both eu- and dis-stress)
  • to be a better parent, spouse and person
  • to better understand themselves, their goals and place in the world
  • to clarify and achieve their goals, in a way that is personally satisfying and honors those around them
  • to eliminate debt and financial worries, for good
  • to solve any money issues they have so they can earn what they’re worth and know what enough is
  • to design a vision for their lives and consciously create a legacy
  • to develop as a leader in the key areas of life: Self, Family, Work and Community

I also have a clear sense of how my clients show up (their character… ) in the course of coaching:

  • my Ideal Client has a need for my services and recognizes such
  • my Ideal Client gets great results from working with me
  • my Ideal Client writes a powerful testimonial on my behalf when we finish the coaching engagement (or a coaching phase)
  • my Ideal Client refers excellent prospects whenever possible
  • my Ideal Client recognizes my value
  • my Ideal Client willingly pays my fees

 *  *  *

How Can You Know If Coaching is Right For You?

Coaching is an investment in yourself, your development – and your evolution. Coaching has the potential to yield rewards far in excess of the dollar amount invested. Besides the typical results of promotions, increasing salaries and commissions, higher revenues and profits . . . that many clients experience, the intangible quality-of-life benefits are what most coachees find as most important.

Coaching, however, is not for everyone. Hiring a coach means you are joining with a collaborative partner who is focused on your development and success.

Consider the following to discover if coaching is right for you, now:

  • I am able to work with a partner and can collaborate
  • I am ready to be asked many questions
  • I want to examine who I am and what I truly want
  • I am ready and willing to make positive changes in my life
  • I understand that action is the key to any change or shift I desire
  • I am prepared to experiment and learn – there is no failure, only results
  • I have the resources for coaching: time, money and energy

 *  *  *

How are You Different from other . . . Coaches?

First and foremost, I am results-focused. Some coaches believe that coaching is all about asking questions so the client can discover their own answers. I take a hybrid approach in that I do ask a lot of questions and often will insist that clients dig deep for what is really true for them, but sometimes it’s clear to me – based on my training and experience – what’s getting in the way. In those cases, I: 1) say so and 2) help the client create a customized strategy for solving the problem or achieving the goal.

Secondly, I don’t take money if the fit isn’t right or the client isn’t (truly) satisfied with the process. (I say “truly” with the caveat that sometimes it does take time to get at and start solving issues/patterns-of-behavior years in the making.) This is why I offer a two-part guarantee:

  1. if you are not satisfied at the end of our first month, I will refund every dime you’ve paid – no muss, no fuss;
  2. after the first month I will happily refund any un-used coaching time if you want to discontinue coaching.

*  *  *

What Will Your Role be as My Coach?

I partner with my clients in discovery, examination and evolution. With my assistance and support, clients draw on knowledge, wisdom and intuition to answer questions about vision, purpose, direction and goals and take consistent, intelligent and effective action.

Lasting change is achieved by going to the client’s core and:

  • understanding who they are and what is right for them, and;
  • making the necessary adjustments, changes and shifts that will result in positive and lasting improvements and achievements.

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